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Taste World-Class Middle Eastern Cuisine In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the sixth-largest city in the United States. And while the metropolis is known for its history, Philly is also known for the amazing food it offers its residents. Middle Eastern food in Philadelphia is also available in many restaurants in the city, with wide ranges of dishes that can be adjusted to varying tastes.

If you’re considering booking restaurants for dinners, parties, weddings, or meet-ups, and dining services, Middle Eastern foods are a great option. Dishes like kofta kebabs, falafel, and baba ganoush tend to be crowd pleasers.


Classic And Tempting Middle Eastern Dishes

There are many different types of classic Middle Eastern dishes available across Philadelphia, providing delicious comfort food for fans of this cuisine. Our Middle East restaurant in Philadelphia is a comprehensive eatery where we serve a wide variety of Mediterranean-style dishes.

With a mix of classic and contemporary, we offer unique and delicious delicacies. From kebabs and hummus to couscous and falafel, the menu has something to satisfy any craving. Dishes like stuffed cabbage, shish kabob, musakhan (chicken layered with onions and sumac spice), and falafel with seasonal salads, side dishes, and desserts are available. We are a great spot for family-style meals with plenty of warm flavor and hospitality.

We have an energetic and welcoming atmosphere with modern décor and plenty of space. Our menu proudly features traditional dishes made with freshly prepared ingredients and inspired recipes, along with vegan and gluten-free options. You can find small plates, hearty entrees, and delectable desserts.

For a decadent culinary experience earlier in the day, be sure to check out a restaurant’s catering or weekend brunch menu. A Middle East restaurant in Philadelphia can be a great choice for healthier lunch fare that doesn’t weigh you down. At Shtetl Kosher, we offer an array of Mediterranean-style dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

    Dining Options For Middle Eastern Cuisine

    The secret ingredient in Middle Eastern Food in Philly is passion. Having passion from the start to the end ensures good-quality ingredients and preparation. 

    For the best Middle Eastern food in Philadelphia, check out Shtetl Kosher. Our menu features authentic dishes, freshly prepared ingredients, and options to customize your meal. You can enjoy flavorful shawarma, creamy hummus, and falafel platters, or indulge in house specialities such as kibbeh, tabouli, or beef shawarma.

    Reserve A Table For The Best Middle Eastern Food

    Come try our flavorful Middle Eastern options at Shtetl Kosher. You can dine in with family, or book your wedding, party, or other event. Give us a call today to book your table!

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